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Introducing Denise Biellmann 
Denise's career history 
Denise's medals and achievements 
Denise's musical programs 
Denise's career ventures 
Denise interviews 
numerous photo galleries 

          Write to Denise:

          Arts & Promotion Organisation

          c/o Elizabeth Goettmann
          Berger Strasse 295
          60385 Frankfurt am Main

          Acknowledgement and Thanks

          Special thanks to Lois Yuen for the use of her wonderful pictures (and all of her great advice). Please, honor her copyright status and please, no duplicates without her permission (see links). Many thanks and vielen vielen Dank to Robert Axtner, for his use of photos and screen captures, as well as his assistance in the Art on Ice Photogallery. Many thanks to Rebecca Patrick and Kathy Goedeken for offering the use of their terrific pictures. Please respect their copyright policies (see links for possible photo use). 


          This web page is maintained by Ingrid, a figure skating fan. All information is written to the best of my ability and I have quoted many sources to support facts and state my opinions with respect (as a tribute) to the skater, Denise Biellmann. I'll do my best to report updates regularly and accurately. "If you have any suggestions, comments, additions, corrections, etc., please e-mail me. Thank you!"  

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